A. Combat.
B. 13 November 1943.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1217.
E. 30 miles west of Bremen.
F. Low clouds, CAVU at 15,000 ft. up.
G. JU 88.
H. One (1) JU 88 destroyed.
I. While leading Whiteman Red flight our second element was lost.  My wing man Lt. Dripps and I were following another element of P-38's behind and above last box of bombers.  I saw one JU 88 coming up for a stern rocker attack at bombers.  Asking for cover from the lead element we went down for a 2,000 ft. stern bounce.  The JU 88 turned off to the right slightly.  When he saw we were coming in he fired both rockets and started in a straight shallow dive.  I started firing at 500 yards and closed into 300 yards, at which time his right engine blew up in a sheet of flame and a large smoke trail came out.  He fell off to the right in a steep spin, and I broke off to the left and climbed back to bombers.  My wing man was with me all the way with a good job of flying.  Action was between 25,000 to 22,000 feet.

Capt., Air Corps.


Capt. Giller and myself were escorting the last box of the lead bomber formation headed southeast toward the target.  Our element was alone there and heard Giller call for a little help on this box.  Four P-38's came back high on port side and looked busy as there were bogies high and port to bombers.  To the rear of box was one single JU 88 approaching lining himself to fire rockets.  We turned left from above the bombers and nosed down into the JU 88, who saw us and turned right and jettisoned the rockets.  We closed on him and he levelled his wings nose down.  Giller opened fire at about 300 yards, and we were faced 3 o'clock and to rear of B-17's.  I stayed well behind and above Giller about 700 yards watching above and behind.  Giller stayed with him a long time firing bursts, and I noticed fire on JU 88's right wing and engine.  The JU 88 started slow turn to right and down, and we both peeled up and left to escort the B-17's again, leveling off slightly above and starboard the B-17 rear box.

2nd Lieut., Air Corps.


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