A. Combat.
B. 5 Nov. 1943
C. 38th Ftr. Squadron - 55th Ftr. group.
D. Approximately 1400
E.  Area of Munster
G. DO-217
H. One (1) DO-217 damaged.
I.  I was flying 4th man in the Flight, Capt. Ayers was leading, a flight that went down to bounce a DO-217 which was firing rockets at the rear of the bomber formations.  Our Flight broke into the sun after leader had made attack because E/A were approaching us at 6 o'clock.  I lost track of my flight and while trying to join a single ship to my right, saw one DO-217 approaching me from 6 o'clock.  I continued my climbing turn to the right and met DO-217 at about 30 deflection head on.  I opened fire at about 400 yds. and continued to fire until I had passed from 30 head-on through 90 to nearly dead astern, all the while closing to about 20 yards astern.  I passed behind E/A and swung wide to his left, looked behind me, fell back astern of E/A closed to about 400 yards and fired about a 3 second burst.  I broke away in a climbing turn to the left and joined a single ship.

2nd Lt. Air Corps


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