A. Combat.
B. 5 November 1943.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1429 (Approximately)
E.  Just west of Arnhem.
F. Clear.
G. ME 109.
H. Destroyed.  I saw no results after the vertical dive.  Lt. Garvin saw parachute.  Lt. Forsblad saw black smoke from E/A.
I. Flying parallel and behind #2 bomber box at 26,000 ft. when I saw 2 stragglers about to be attacked by three 109's.  Stragglers were behind first two boxes about 2 miles at 18,000 ft, approximately.  We were just in front of stragglers.  E/A were about to make a diving head on pass from 2 o'clock on the bombers, I attempted to head them off by making a diving turn firing at the lead 109 at about 400 yards or more at about 15-20 degree deflection, trying to close from behind.  Two E/A did a rudder roll downward into a vertical dive as I opened fire.  Before I closed much beyond 300 yards, the leader went into a vertical dive and I could no longer hold my lead and had nearly reached compressibility, I pulled up and over the bombers.  E/A got no closer than 1000 yards to bombers.  My wing man Lt. Forsblad claims seeing heavy black smoke from E/A though I saw no results while firing.  Lt. Garvin in cover flight above saw parachute break out below us.

Major, Air Corps.


At the time of Major Joel's encounter with a 109, I was above and behind the two straggling bombers about 2,000 ft.  Shortly after, 1/2 to 1 minute, of the approximate time of encounter, I saw a parachute about 2,000 ft. below these two stragglers.  This chute was in about a 10 o'clock position to me, and would have been about a 2 o'clock position to these two bombers.  No E/A were seen.

2nd Lt. Air Corps.


When Major Joel started his attack on E/A, I turned inside of him getting on his right wing well forward in a line abreast position.  I saw Major Joel open fire at about 400 yard range, I was then trying to take a lead on the same E/A.  The E/A went into a dive, I followed for about a second after Major Joel broke off attack.  I saw black smoke come from the E/A's engine, I then broke off and got back in formation.

2nd Lieut., Air Corps,


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