A. Combat
B. Nov. 5, 1943
C. 38th Fighter Sqd.  55th Ftr. group
D. Approx. 1400
E.  Approx. 50 miles east of Rotterdam
F. Clear
G. FW190
H. One FW190 - damaged.
I. I was flying on Major Joel's wing escorting 2 boxes B-24's.  We were covering 2 straggling B24's, behind the first box, at about 3000 ft. above the stragglers.  We saw 4 FW190's going up for an attack on the stragglers on the port side.  We peeled off to the left to break up the attack.  The first E/A saw us coming and half rolled and dove away.  The 4th FW190 apparently in an aggressive mood, came straight on at me.  I met him head-on at about 11 o'clock from him, I opened fire at about 400 yds. range holding fire until he was about 75 yds. (about 2,3-second bursts) observing strikes on his left engine cowl and fuselage.  He passed me doing a very slow roll to the right, I then lost sight of him.  We then zoomed back up above the straggling bombers.  The FW190 had a yellow cowl.  The underside of its wings were painted white with red crosses.

2nd Lt. Air Corps


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