A. Combat
B. 3 November 1943
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 1340 plus.
E. Between Westerholt and Wittmund.
F. 10/10 overcast below.
G. FW 190 with red nose.
H. One (1) FW 190 destroyed (Shared with Lt. Kreft.)
I. As we were about to leave the bombers, I, leading Swindle White Flight, heard a call for help giving position as behind rear box of bombers.  As we reached the rear box we saw a single P-38 in a steep dive being closely followed by four or five FW 190's. At about 17,000, the P-38 pulled up and started turning with the enemy aircraft.  We dove in to help. As we started in, my second element saw enemy aircraft turning and firing at the single P-38, break off and dive away.  I pulled up thinking the P-38 would join in, but he did not.  I made a climbing turn to 22,000 feet, levelled off, and began a shallow left turn to orient myself.  We were then attacked by enemy aircraft from 10 o'clock out of the sun.  I turned into him in a tight chandelle and fired as he closed almost head on.  At the time the enemy aircraft was in a diving right turn.  Enemy aircraft passed close enough for me to see oil stream out of his cowling, which was painted red.  Enemy aircraft passed just below me.  Using my rear-vision mirror to see my wing man, I saw the plane crossing my path, behind Lt. Kreft, at 90 degrees in flames and disintegrating.  When the enemy aircraft appeared in my mirror, there seemed to be an explosion, and enemy aircraft appeared to stop in mid-air.  As there were other enemy aircraft in the area, I did not try to watch him further.

Major, Air Corps.


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