A. Engagement
B. November 3rd, 1943
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron
D. 1300
E.  Ten miles south of target - Wilhelmshaven
F. 5/10 lower clouds at 15,000 ft to 19,000 feet
G. Me 109
H. No claim pending file assessment
I. I was flying number 2 of the Yellow section, 343rd Fighter Squadron.  We were at 27,000 feet, about ten miles south of the target and flying to the starboard side of the lead box of bombers.  Below and to the starboard side of us were about 24 ME 109's, forming and flying in the same direction.  We crossed over them and dived at them out of the sun.  My lead, Captain Malmstedt, opened up on one which half rolled and went down.  His wingman half rolled also and I fired a one second burst  starting at about 1000 feet.  When I started fire (sic) he rolled back upright and I had to pull up to keep from losing my leader.  The second element of the flight led by 1st Lt. Ryan had us well covered.

2nd Lt.,, Air Corps

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