A. Combat
B. November 3rd, 1943
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron
D. 1300
E. Vicinity of Wilhelmshaven
F. Overcast at 12,000
G. Me 109
H. One Me 109 damaged
I. At R/V with the bombers, Whiteman Yellow flight in which I was number 3 dove to break up a forming queue of 22 E/A at 2 o'clock 3000 feet below.  On the first pass, I fired at 500 yards with no results.  I made a second pass and turned to drive a Me 109, coming in at 9 o'clock to number 1, Captain Malmstedt.  The E/A broke off in a half roll, I fired but with no results.  I then turned back to the original target, two Me 109's diving.  They had meanwhile turned and I fired at 100 yards with a 30 degree deflection.  I saw a few hits on the E/A, which half rolled out. We then turned back in the direction of the bombers.

Eugene E. Ryan
1st Lt., Air Corps


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