A. Combat.
B. 3 November 1943.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1325.
E. Approximately over Spiekeroog Island.
F. Low overcast at 12,000 ft.
G. Grayish brown ME 109.
H. One (1) ME 109 destroyed.
I. I had given the order to go home some ten minutes before and started along the line of bombers to see if they were in trouble.  My flight approached a box of B-17's from 6 o'clock and 1,000 ft. above.  I noticed three ME 109's come from the sun and start an attack on the rear of the box.  I divided down and closed in on one while my No. 3 and 4 men took the other two.  Closing in close I gave him a long burst and his aircraft burst into flames, he rolled over and bailed out.  Insamuch as I had to pull up to keep from going into the bombers, I didn't see the ME 109 pilot bail out.  F/O Fair saw him leave his ship.  These pilots disregarded our fighters and pressed their attack on the B-17's.

Lt. Col., Air Corps.


I saw flying 4th position in Col. Jenkins flight.  When Col. Jenkins attacked the 109, I was back far enough so that I saw the pilot bail out of his ship as I passed over him.  The ship was leaving a black smoke trail before and after he left it.

F/O, Air Corps.


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