A. Combat.
B. 3 November 1943.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1315.
E. Vicinity of Wilhelmshaven.
F. Low overcast at 12,000 ft.
G. Gray FW 190.
H. One (1) FW 190 probably destroyed (Shared with Lt. Hoeper).
I. After we had escorted the forward echelon of the bomber wing across the target and to the North Sea, we turned, flying toward the rear of the bomber formation to give them area support.  When we got to the 3rd box, I saw a straggler with his left outboard engine feathered and his left inboard engine on fire.  Two FW-190's were initiating an attack on it's rear.  I was meeting them head-on, so I executed a diving turn, closing on the FW 190's rapidly.  I started firing too soon because they were firing on the cripple.  I held the trigger down and closed to 250 yards before I saw a large burst of flame come from the engine of the FW 190 on the left, and he slowly rolled over, smoking, and spun slowly downward.  It looked as if the pilot was trying to regain control.  He was last seen spinning downward still omitting smoke.  Lt. Hoeper also fired at this FW 190 as we closed on it.  At no time did the enemy appear to notice our approach.  They were very aggressive in their attack on the tails of the bombers.

Lt. Col., Air Corps.


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