This page will (eventually) contain the full listing of 55th and 3rd Scouting Force accident reports, covering the period both organisations served in the ETO.  I will start by uploading (one at a time) the Form 14 for each accident.  It was in a standard format and provides the factual detail and data on the pilot, unit and aircraft involved in the accident.  It also alludes to the likely cause and damage to the aircraft.  Being accident reports they also include the fate of the airman, which sadly, occasionally, is their death.

I am not posting these up to glorify the misfortune of pilots in the 55th, but simply to provide a research library for those interested in the Group.

Nb. To open a report click on the date of the accident and the page will open.  Use the link at the bottom of each report to return to this page.

Date Pilot Nature of Accident Squadron
19 December 1943 2nd Lt. Arthur (NMI) Baranick Take-off accident 338th Fighter Squadron
19 September 1944 1st Lt. Wesley G. Lundholm Bailed out, engine failure 3rd Scouting Force

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