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 (Please note: These images of artwork remain the copyright of the artist so please respect copyright law in this respect.)

'P-38 Sunset' by Ron Leigh

Inspired by Bob Sand's colour photo at Nuthampstead

'CY-B' by Tim Piscitelli

Depicting Lt. Piscitelli flying his P-38J coded CY-B

'Westward: The Last Trip Home' by Alex Jay

Depicting Lt. Fluty returning on a single engine in his P-38 "Here's Hopen" on the 8th March 1944

'White Lightning' by Philip West

Depicting P-38J's of the 38th FS at Nuthampstead

Lightning P-38J 'Stinger' by Keith Mallen

Depicting Lt. Schank in combat with an Me-109

'Texas Ranger & Friend' by Mel Brown

Depicting Bob Sand painting the nose art of Col. Jenkins' P-38J at Nuthampstead

'P-38' by Brian Knight

Depicting Lt. Schank's P-38J "Stinger"

'P-51's' by Brian Knight

Depicting Frank Birtciel and Ed Giller in their P-51's

'Mustangs on the Prowl' by Robert Taylor

Depicting LtCol. Righetti and flight over Germany

'Victory Pass' by William S. Phillips

Depicting 343rd FS P-51's over Germany

'Fightin' 55th - Courage Then, Courage Now' by Ronald Wong

'Guardians of Freedom' by Ronald Wong

'Locobuster' by Alex Jay

Depicting Maj. Ed Giller strafing railcars

'Da Quake' by Jo Roberts

Depicting Gevorkian and Kester in the storm over France

'Sonny Boy' by a Hoffman Family friend

Depicting Ted Hoffman 'locobusting' in "Sonny Boy"

Lts. Mull and Gangemi by Terry White

Depicting the moments before Lt. Ray Mull bailed out of his stricken P-51

A flight of 343rd FS P-51's by David Cooper

Painting donated to the Martlesham Heath Museum by the artist. Currently hanging in the toilets!

CY-U "Gunfighter" by Norbert Lisinski (N. Lisinski)

"Little Friend" by Norbert Lisinski (N. Lisinski)

Depicts the P-51 of Lt. Warren E Lewis

CY-S by Steve Hale (S. Hale)

Lovely pencil sketch by Steve.

'King of the Strafers' (R. Perry)

Great study of LtCol. Righetti's 'Katydid'

'Overpaid, Oversexed and Over the Hedge' by Rob Johnson

'Down to Earth' by Gareth Hector

'House Call' by Gareth Hector

'Wormingford Warriors' by Nic Brown

'On the Prowl' by Nic Brown

'Safe Return' by Nic Brown

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